Bounce the Bunny

Sometimes, there's a bunny... well, he's the bunny for his time and place. Bounce the Bunny is just that bunny. All he ever wanted to do was bounce. Well, bounce and collect the shiny stars in the sky that always seemed just slightly out of his reach. Then one day, Bounce met a magic frog who shared his secret magical bubble making techniques. Magical bouncing bubbles! Using the frog's mystical magic and your help, Bounce kicks off a series of epic bouncing adventures across land, over the sea, and through the air!

Features hours of physics based gameplay, as Bounce flies through unique and colorful worlds, collecting stars based on your bubble designs. Each of the 60 levels is easy to learn but challenging to master, with loads of achievements, unlockable boosts and items to earn keeping you coming back for more! Can you get every star on every level?