New ship Clanknor released in Vorp!

Posted on Thursday, October 25, 2012 - 3:12PM

Muxo and Gruba are a tandem of Tatawas looking to salvage B! any way they can in their ship, Clanknor. Watch out when Muxo cuts Gruba loose in the turret, he's very excitable! Check them out along with all the other unique pilots and ships in Vorp on Kongregate.

Also now the Pai Gow game is available for play. That is an old Chinese domino game that now is converted into poker variation for all of us who prefer cards. You can read about it at CasinoPaiGow where you can also get free bonus code to play it for free in online casinos.

Along with this we released several new Paint Jobs. Check out the new looks for TorpazUnduloreanShinobi, and Turbo Hawk!